Toronto Wolfpack vs. Barrow Raiders 20.05.17

A sport that’s very popular in Australia and the UK has made its way to Canada! Toronto Wolfpack – the world’s first transatlantic rugby league team and the nation’s newest pro sports team – beat the Barrow Raiders at home in Lamport Stadium with a final score of 70-2 last Saturday.

Most of the players aren’t from Toronto and since the team currently plays in the third tier of the league, many of their away games are in Britain. Can’t make it out to any of the matches? No worries – all of them will be livestreamed on CBC Sports throughout the 2017 season.

Third Reich Tourism in Germany

The British have long been fascinated by Nazi Germany. UK tour companies even offer package tours to Germany that visit sites connected to Hitler and the Third Reich. In a journey across the country from the Bavarian Alps to the Baltic Sea, I follow a group of British travellers on one of these tours to find out whether a fascination for Nazi Germany really is the reason why some of the tour members have come.

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Commonwealth citizens can vote on Brexit

Commonwealth citizens are eligible to vote in the upcoming EU Referendum, whereas citizens from most EU countries are not.

Nationals from Commonwealth countries who have an address in a UK constituency may vote on 23 June as long as they’re registered on the electoral roll. Their right to vote is not linked to the length of their residency.

EU nationals who are residents in the UK, however, cannot vote in the referendum unless they are from Ireland or Commonwealth countries like Malta and Cyprus. This is despite the fact that the outcome of the vote might have more of an impact on their lives.

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Men in Sheds Launches in Cardiff

Older men in Cardiff who have time to spare will soon have a place to regularly work on projects and activities which interest them.

Since the Men’s Shed in North Cardiff began three months ago, the group’s ten members have been meeting at a room in Rhiwbina Church every Wednesday afternoon.

They hope to gain new members, meet more frequently and get their hands dirty working on projects such as model making and gardening. The group, called ‘The Den,’ have their eyes set on moving into a garage nearby. But The Den isn’t the first Men’s Shed of its kind.

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